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Phone : +987136898262
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Phone : +987136898262
  • Roza Dastgheib(tel:36898263)
    computer engineering
  • Sara Koleini(tel:36898264)
    M.S. computer engineering (machine intelligence & robotics)
  • Mohammad Razmara(tel:36898266)
    M.S. computer engineering (software enginnering)
  • Salman Salimi(tel:36898261)
    M.S. computer engineering
  • Afrooz Zareii(tel:36898263)
    computer engineering

Group Introduction:

  • Using modern technologies for intelligent processing, displaying and disseminating information for day-to-day knowledge at the national and regional levels in line with the prospects and missions of the Regional Information and Science Information Center (RICeST) through the creation of software, hardware and network infrastructure. This is done under the direction of ICT management.


  • Information and Communication Technology Management is one of the subsectors of research and technology deputy director responsible for monitoring, consulting, designing, managing, implementing and supporting projects related to information and communication technology at the organization level.

The Mission and vision:

  • Manage LAN and WLAN networks, optimize and modify topology when necessary
  • WAN network design and structured organization, development, management and technical support of this network
  • Supervision and advice on the procurement and purchase of other equipment related to the field of information and communication technology
  • Monitoring and fixing software and hardware problems for workstations as well as servers and all active network equipment available at Data Center.
  • Applying appropriate methods, new strategies, standards and observing the principles of security to protect network security at different levels and layers (network structure security, information, data and software systems, and assembly hardware).
  • Implementing and Managing Web Hosting Services
  • Designing and managing the website and add new information resources
  • Updated (RICeST) and IJISM
  • Creating a suitable platform for users inside and outside the country from databases based on user code or IP based research centers and universities.
  • Virtualization and management of green resources
  • Delay in performance from the beginning to end of the existing network (review of technical reports on regulatory software, policy implementation, etc.)
  • Investigation of telecommunication facilities of the country and the way of applying new telecommunication services
  • Managing security software (anti-virus, anti-spam …) and installing and updating workstations.
  • Network monitoring (virtual servers, physical servers, switches, and clients)
  • Implementing, maintaining, and updating all network services (Internet, office automation, education and research automation, e-mail, website, DHCP, DNS, Fax Server, File Sharing, Active Directory …)
  • Applying suitable methods for backup copies of data
  • Preparation of comprehensive scientific and technical reports based on ICT standards

Updating scientific and technical knowledge with research and self-learning in the field of information and communication technology and feasibility of providing new services.