Management of Program and Project Planning

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Phone : +987136468428
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Phone : +987136468428
  • Zahra Bakhshi
  • masoumeh hadizadegan

Vision and Missions :

  • Checking the credits requested by the departments and obtaining explanations from the authorities regarding the proposed budget
  • Integrate and set up proposed budgets in the form of goals and policies of the center
  • Monitor the implementation of the budget through care in how to use credits/ measure the progress of operations
  • Maintenance of accounts of various budget seasons and preparation of budget comparative tables of previous years
  • Earnings forecasts and cost estimates for activities, plans and programs
  • Financial comment on the proposal of departments for recruitment
  • Provide the necessary charts and statistics and analyze them
  • Continuous contact with the country’s management and planning organization for revision and organizational changes
  • Preparation, adjustment and follow-up of issues related to the current development agreements of the Center
  • Review and submit proposals for amendment or supplementary financing, if necessary
  • Comment on relevant laws and regulations
  • Provide necessary reports