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Phone : +987136468424,+987136898262
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Phone : +987136468424,+987136898262
  • Dr. Mohammad Bagher Dastghaib
    Researcher/System Analyst and Programmer(tel:36898481)
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  • Sara Raeisi
    Coresearcher/System Analyst and Programmer(tel:36898482)
  • Farzad Rasti
    Coresearcher/System Analyst and Programmer(tel:36898483)
  • Amin Zare
    Coresearcher/System Analyst and Programmer(tel:36898485)

Vision and Mission:

The Mission of Research Department of Designing and System Operation is the discovery of the use of modern and intelligent methods for displaying, processing and extracting information for the dissemination of day-to-day knowledge at the national and regional levels in line with the prospects and missions of RICeST.

Some of the goals of this group are as follows:

  • Organizing existing knowledge in the country in order to take part in the correct model and evolutionary development using information technology in the domain and scope of information
  • Establishing a link between scholars and researchers in the country to raise the level of knowledge.
  • Determining and clarifying standards in the field of information dissemination through the country level (localization, studying and familiarization).
  • Studying and conducting research in the field of information technology.
  • Analysis, design and implementation of databases at the Regional Information and Science Information Center.
  • Do research and provide solutions in the form of various projects to improve the status of information in the country using existing information technology.
  • Holding scientific lectures to transfer the updated knowledge to those who are interested in that.

Finalized Research Projects:

– Redesigning and Optimizing RICEST Network Performance (RORNP)

– Constructing a corpora for comparing the effect of length and locality of error in Persian text spelling correction

– Implementation of RICeST- Wireless Network

– Design and Implementation of Scientific Map of Iran

– Design and Implementation of Iran Journal Finder

– Conducting research on intelligent research engines

– Design and implementation of the Postal Information Library Information Library of Science and Technology

– Design and implementation of a known information system by telephone (Persian version IVR)

– Design and implementation of electronic management of Persian documents

– English Abstracts

– Islamic manuscripts base

– Design and implementation of the Arabic and English versions of psci

– Design and implementation of automatic indexing system

– Designing a system for posting Persian articles and articles based on XML