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Contact Info Unit :

Phone : +987136468353
Fax : +987136468352

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Phone : +987136468353
  • Dr. Shole Arastoopour
    Faculty Member
  • Dr. Mohammad Reza Ghane
    Faculty Member
  • Dr. Hajar Safhieh
    Faculty Member
  • Narjes Vara
    Faculty Member

Vision and Mission:

– Keeping the track of newly published scholarly and scientific literature, in different languages across the world (Persian, English, Arabic, French, Urdu, Turkish, etc.)
– Evaluating different information resources (books, Journals, Dissertations, etc.) closely and selecting the most invaluable ones, our highly specialized staff aim at building an information treasury.
– Focusing on quality, our staff keep themselves busy with constant evaluation of current materials received.
– We are responsible for acquiring the information resources which support the center’s goals.
– Since we are responsible for the content, quality and accessibility of information resources, our staff try their best to reduce the chance of any imperfection through checking the holdings and making the claims.