RICeST and ISC sign MOU with Persian Gulf University

A research. technological and scientific MoU was signed between Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST) and Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) on the one hand and Persian Gulf University on the other in Shiraz on Sep. 5th, 2018. During this meeting, the two sides discussed various issues upon research and technology with the aim of establishing and expanding mutual cooperation and collaborations.

Dr. M. J. Dehghani, the President of RICeST and ISC expressed his interest in deepening cooperation with Persian Gulf University since it is one of the most influential universities in southern Iran and also at national level. He added: “RICeST and ISC are ready to provide their services to Persian Gulf University”.

On the other side, Persian Gulf University President, Dr. Mosleh stated that this university has long been interacting with RICeST and ISC due to short distance as well as nature of the services RICeST and ISC provide. He kept hoping that this meeting and the MoU signed would help Persian Gulf University improve its status in research, scientific and technological affairs.

Besides, Dr. Dehghani, the president of RICeST and ISC has given some brief explanations upon the official records and scientific activities of the two organizations.

Then, Dr. Mosleh, Persian Gulf University president expressed his satisfaction with these activities and stated: “The role of RICeST, in scientific information provision and ISC in scientometric analysis are very valuable to us, and we need the consulting services of these two centers so we may improve our current status. The services of these two centers, especially in the field of ranking and observing the production of science, have created a movement in the scientific community of Iran and the OIC region, and in fact, the reason for our presence in RICeST and ISC is to benefit from these services in the best way possible.”

He expressed his hope in holding Persian Gulf-related conferences in cooperation with RICeST and ISC, as well as providing scientific information databases of Persian Gulf University at the international level.

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