Oman Sohar University Visit RICeST and ISC
A three-member delegation from Oman Sohar University, consisted of professor Hamza Edris, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Dawood Al-Hamdani, Dean of Postgraduate Centre, and, Dr. Mohammad al-Magqbali, Pro-Vice Chancellor for community and engagement visited ISC and RICeST. This visit was conducted in line with RICeST policy on scientific and research support from newly established and developing universities and in interaction with Shiraz University of Technology on Wednesday, 25/1/2018.
At the beginning of the visit, Dr. Dehghani, president of ISC and RICeST welcomed guests and explain the ISC missions at both national and international levels and described the databases and services of the site to Islamic countries. Subsequently, Dr. Falahati, the director of office of public relations and office of international scientific cooperation was briefly describing the history of the establishment of a RICeST, sources and databases, research groups, publications, activities and national and international interactions and, in general, the potential of this collection for Introducing scientific, research and technology cooperation with Sohar University. Meanwhile, he also presented a report on the status of universities, scientific publications and scientists in Oman. Besides, the position of Sohar University in international ranking systems was reported.

   2018/1/24 16:54

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