Information and Communication Technology Department
Manager : Dr. Bahareh Pahlevanzadeh
Email :
Sara Koleini
Mahboobeh Kamyab
Afrooz Zareii
Roza Dastgheib
Mohammad Razmara
Salman Salimi
Information resources are useless when access is not provided. This fundamental function is within the concept of cataloging and classification. Through these process, department of information management provides access to all acquired information resources of RICeST and for it allows users to find information needed for their professional growth and development. The staffs who work in this department are responsible for the processes of description, subject analysis, classification, and authority control of RiCeST’s materials. To do their tasks, they have online internet access to the national bibliography database of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Library of Congress (L.C.). The staffs are also in charge for creating and developing RICeST’s specialized databases such as E-journals, E-Atlases & Maps, Conference article and etc. in English, Arabic and Persian languages.

- Managing LAN network (RICeST) , improving and changing topology if necessary
- Identifying and purchasing hardware equipments needed
- Solving the problems of software and hardware related to work stations and the servers available in computer center
- Applying the suitable methods to data backup
- Designing WAN network, and organizing , developing and managing this network
- Identifying new security strategies in internet , and applying these strategies to information network of RICeST
- Identifying and applying new methods of site management with regard to the security of networks ,and providing suitable information services
- Designing and managing websites of RICeST
- Designing and managing website of ISC

5.4/10 (Number of Voters 31 Person )