Holding Scientific Lectures On The Occasion Of Research Week (8): Information Retrieval Using Fuzzy Logic

In the following lectures holding on research week, Dr. Mohammad Baqher Dastgheib, a faculty member of design and operation of systems department, delivered a speech titled “information retrieval using fuzzy logic”.

A corner of the theme of his speech are as follows:

“The very rapid expansion of the Internet and the large volume of text information available on the global network indicates that it is necessary to look for new ways of designing information retrieval systems, which is to provide the user with the information sought. In recent years, the goal of most research in this area has been to improve the accuracy and flexibility of the information retrieval system using artificial intelligence techniques. In this research, we try to use a fuzzy logic and neural network to provide a flexible system for retrieving text information. The purpose of using fuzzy logic in these systems is to consider the uncertainty inherent in this issue. The proposed systems, using the ability to generalize fuzzy neural network and try to improve the accuracy and efficiency of information retrieval systems. In order to compare the results of this research with the work of other researchers, standard assemblies such as Cranfield and Medline have been used. The result of the proposed systems is better than other intelligent systems, since information noise has been resolved before training the neural network.