A delegation from Iraq and Imam Hussein’s Holy Shrine, consisting of Dr. Yusuf Khalaf Yusuf, the head of the Al-Aset Specialist and Engineer Ahmad Musa Omran, director of the Center visited RICeST and ISC on August 5th 2018.

At the beginning of this visit, the introductory video to ISC was played and then Dr. Dehghani, ISC president welcomed the guests with a brief overview of the history of the establishment of these two organizations, and illustrated their services with a brief overview of research groups, publications, activities, national and International interactions, and the overall potential of this collection. Dr. Dehghani also provided some explanations regarding the support role of RICeST and ISC and the diverse programs of the two sets to expand science and technology in the country and also the region.

Dr. Yusuf Khalaf Yusuf, head of the Al-Sayat Medical Center, talked about his willingness to work with the organization. After receiving the necessary information about the nature of the organization and their services, he was informed by the interest of Iraq Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as the holy shrine of Imam Hussein to index all credible Iraqi magazines in the ISC.

He spoke about the inclination to use the experiences of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in particular RICeST and ISC, by introducing indexing databases of its magazines. Sustained science relations and how to establish lasting relationships in the future were among the issues raised in the meeting.

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